Melissa and Anthony Geers deny abusing infant son

NOVI, Mich. – Melissa and Anthony Geers' had their five boys taken away from them after Child Protective Services accused them of abusing their premature infant son Joshua.

An x-ray of Joshua revealed he was healing from a rib fracture and a doctor working with CPS discovered five additional healing rib fractures.

The Geers deny harming their son and say they cooperated fully with CPS to determine the cause of the fractures. And a child abuse expert at Mott Children's Hospital could not find evidence of rib fractures on Joshua's twin brother Thomas.

"Something is wrong with my kids and I don't know what it is we're trying to find out," said Anthony Geer.

The unexplained injuries to a child in the care of his parents led CPS to move forward with an effort to terminate the Geers' parental rights.

Now the twins are living with Melissa's mother and the Geers' three older boy are living with their aunt. The Geers moved out of their home so their boys could stay in their home.

According to their parents, the older children do not understand why their mom and dad aren't living at home with them.

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