Inkster citizens to be taxed for Floyd Dent settlement

INKSTER, Mich. – After the video of his beating at the hands of the Inkster police went viral, the city rushed to settle with Floyd Dent.

The agreed upon amount is $1.37 million. The cash-strapped city doesn't have that money, so it will be assessed on the summer tax bill at 6.45 mills.

Those who live here have had enough.

"This has happened four times in the city of Inkster, you'd think after the first or second people would wake up," said resident Cary Bradowski.

Bradowski is not alone in his frustration.

"Every little thing they want to put on the back of the citizens," said Simuel Rose.

Dent was pulled over by Inskter police on Jan. 28 and his subsequent beating was captured on police dashcam video. Already, one officer is facing criminal charges in connection with the case.

Dent's attorney says the settlement was structured so the city would have time to come up with the funds. Dent is expected to be paid in full by next June.

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