Truck drivers escape unharmed when cab catches fire on I-75

DETROIT – All lanes of I-75 at I-94 are back open after the cleanup of a tanker fire.

The cab of the tanker caught fire around 9 a.m. Fire crews had it contained within 30 minutes.

The tanker's driver, James Thomas, said he heard a tire blow and was able to drive the tanker to the shoulder near Warren Avenue.

"By the time we got out of the truck, the tire was on fire, and another caught on fire and it popped," Thomas said. "I had a co-driver with me. We both jumped out. We both had fire extinguishers on both sides. We sprayed the tires, but they were small fire extinguishers and it wasn't enough to do the job."

Police say it appears the fire was sparked by a problem with the tanker's brakes. But Thomas isn't so sure.

"The truck was stopping fine. The truck was rolling fine, there was no problem whatsoever," he said.

The tanker, which usually carries asphalt, was empty.

There were no other reports of injuries.

Police said there was not any damage to the roadway.

The northbound lanes were also briefly shut down, but are back open.