Davison police: Body found in lake is missing 9-year-old autistic boy

Omarion Humphrey had been missing from Lake Callis recreation area since Saturday

DAVISON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – The parents of a 9-year-old autistic boy whose body was found Friday in a Flint-area lake believe his body was placed in the water by someone else.

Omarion Humphrey was reported missing Saturday following a gathering at Lake Callis park in Davison Township with his foster family.

Family members, volunteers, professional search teams and law enforcement spent days using grid patterns and other "out of the box" ways -- including leaving lights and music on -- to try to find Omarion.

After he was found Friday, his biological parents, Khisha and Jamell Humphrey, said they don't believe he was in the lake for six days.

"I was here. They dredged the lake, I watched them do it six times. They did it three times with dive teams and three times with sonar," said Jamell. "I walked around for the first couple days my heart was all over the place, hoping that they wouldn't find him. But if he was in there I would want him found as early as possible. I'm on the same page as my wife. I don't think he was in there for six days."

Khisha Humphrey said someone must have brought him back to the lake.

"They waited for the (search) efforts to be scaled back ... and they went and they put him there," she said.

The parents said Omarion did not know how to swim. He had not been living with them, however. He was in foster care.