Inkster hires police chief to replace leader who quit after officer charged in driver beating

Chief Riley will be sworn in Monday

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INKSTER, Mich. – Inkster has hired a police chief to replace the leader who resigned days after an officer was charged with assault in the beating of a motorist.

William Riley was sworn in Monday morning as chief.

"I'm the type of person that when I come in and I take over something, I'm going to take it over to get it done right. I'm not going to take a whole lot of excuses. I don't come in to say, ‘Hey, I'm the answer to it all,' but I do come in knowing everybody has to work together," Riley told Local 4 after the ceremony.

He said his strengths are in working with the community and crime innovation -- and he wanted to focus on the command structure of the department, as well as increasing its numbers.

He also said he will be meeting with officers to introduce himself and lay a strong leadership foundation.

"One thing I'm not going to tolerate is people not doing their job," Wiley said.

The former top cop in Selma, Alabama, is the permanent replacement for Vicki Yost, who resigned in April.

The officer, William Melendez, was fired and is scheduled for an October trial stemming from the Jan. 28 incident in which Floyd Dent was pulled from his car and beaten. Melendez denies wrongdoing.

Inkster Mayor Hilliard Hampton and new Chief of Police William Riley on Monday.

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Dent was charged with cocaine possession and resisting or assaulting an officer, but both charges were later dismissed. A $1.4 million settlement has been reached between Dent and the city.

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--Floyd Dent

Officer William Melendez would not answer his door Thursday when Local 4 knocked.

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