2 found dead in back seat of Lincoln in southwest Detroit

Two people found in back seat of abandoned car

DETROIT – Authorities man and a woman were found dead Saturday in the back seat of a Lincoln Continental in southwest Detroit. It appears the two overdosed at another location and someone put them in a woman's car and drove them to where they were found, police said.

The Lincoln was discovered at the corner of S. Patricia and Pleasant streets. The corner sits in the shadow of the very noisy Interstate 75, which also splits the neighborhood from the Marathon refinery just a few hundred yards away. The occasional gasoline tanker truck lumbers by.

For most in the area there is a single agenda: front windows and doors bear signs begging Marathon to buy their homes so the residents can move somewhere else.

The rest either foreclosed, boarded up, abandoned or all three. One even qualified for Detroit's Land Bank demolition. All that remains is a hole in the ground.

A neighbor called Detroit police around 11:30 a.m. to report an abandoned car. In the back seat were the bodies of two unidentified young people -- one black, the other white -- thought to be in their 20s.

A piece of police tape remained on a stop sign Saturday night. Residents up the street said they saw the police scene and did not want to come down and check out what was going on. They knew nothing of the green Lincoln.

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