Attorney General Bill Schuette among Michiganders who support presidential candidate Jeb Bush

(Justin Sullivan / Getty Images staff)

DETROIT – Attorney General Bill Schuette is among the Michiganders who are endorsing Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush.

In a statement Wednesday, Bush listed a handful of state leaders whom he said would help bring his "message of opportunity and renewal to every corner of the state."

"I am happy to have the support of so many of Michigan's great leaders and look forward to growing the team. Michigan is a key state and I will work hard to earn the support of every voter," Bush said.

Bush is scheduled to visit Michigan for the Mackinac Republican Leadership Conference on Sept. 18.

"We have many talented candidates seeking the presidency, but as a successful governor, Jeb Bush is the most qualified candidate to win the November election and will serve with distinction and courage," Schuette said.

According to Bush's statement, the following people are on the "Michigan for Jeb Team:"

  • Attorney General Bill Schuette, Chair of Jeb!2016 Michigan Team 
  • C. Michael Kojaian, Finance Co-Chair of Jeb!2016 Michigan Team 
  • David T. Fischer, Finance Co-Chair of Jeb!2016 Michigan Team 
  • U.S. Congressman David Trott 
  • Secretary Spencer Abraham and Jane Abraham, former Co-Chair of the Michigan State GOP 
  • Terri Lynn Land, former two-time Michigan Secretary of State
  • Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson
  • State Sen. Goeff Hansen
  • State Rep. Kathy Crawford
  • State Rep. Andrea LaFontaine
  • State Rep. Mike McCready
  • State Rep. Amanda Price
  • State Rep. Ken Yonker