MCSA calls for end of 'kill police' rhetoric on social media

DETROIT – It was a bloody t-shirt emblazoned with "f—the police" that had Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard so disgusted he posted a picture of it on Facebook and asked others to let Amazon know that selling something with cop killing rhetoric on it was not appreciated.

Facebook pulled his post and he was stunned.

"I'm not trying to purge the world," Bouchard said. "I just found this particularly bloody 'F the police' t-shirt over the top, given some of the recent deaths we've had."

Bouchard wondered why hate speech against the police is not removed while his post calling it into question was.

Now the Major County Sheriff's Association has put out the call to take it all down.

"Social media has become a main source of propaganda for the anti-law enforcement movement and it is disgusting that Facebook continues to permit 'f--- the police' pages and groups for public consumption," the MCSA said in a statement. "The MCSA condemns the obscene caricatures depicting the assassination of law enforcement officials and calls upon Facebook to immediately remove the content."

The T-shirt that was the original impetus for Bouchard's post has now vanished from Amazon.

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