Police join kids for photography tour around Detroit

DETROIT – Detroit police escorted children around town Saturday as part of the Pictures of Hope program.

Kids from the Police Athletic League, or PAL, paired up with Detroit cops and hit the streets taking pictures of some of Detroit's landmarks.

"This is a chance to get police officers and kids together," said Tim Richey, CEO of PAL. "They're going to pair up and take pictures of the city of Detroit for what they hope for and what they dream for in the city of Detroit."

Before getting to the photography, the officers and kids had a chance to get to know each other.

"These officers are taking the time on a Saturday to help children and to show these kids -– we care about your future, we care about what you think," said photojournalist Linda Solomon. "It says a lot."

Solomon's nationally acclaimed Pictures of Hope program has brought kids together with officers around the country.

"Hopes and dreams of Detroit matter," Solomon said. "To be mentored by the Detroit police officers, it just builds such great trust and respect and friendship."

After a few warmup pictures, the kids and the officers were on their way to check out some of their favorite places around the city.

"I've never really gotten to be friends with a police officer," said Maggie Eggebrecht. "I think it's really cool that kids get to socialize with the people that are protecting them."

Sgt. Dennis Perkins, of the Detroit police, talked about how important it is to boost relationships between the community and police.

"Outside of work, we're people too," said Perkins. "We're big brothers, fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers and they get a chance to see that and interact with us."

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