Falling concrete closes streets under Ambassador Bridge in Windsor

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WINDSOR, Ontario – It was a 22-inch hunk of concrete that fell on Windsor that spurred the city into action, shutting down multiple roads under the Ambassador Bridge and calling out the structural engineers.

They are concerned that more concrete could fall. So far nobody has been hurt and no cars have been damaged.

The Ambassador Bridge's owner, Manuel  "Matty" Moroun, lays the blame for any issues on Windsor and the government of Canada, saying they're getting the run around.

"The game of holding the Ambassador Bridge rebuild work at bay until the government can get their bridge built is a dangerous one," said Moroun. "It needs to be said that the city of Windsor has worked very hard to delay and object to a complete rebuild of this section of the bridge. The work was to have been performed this past summer. If the city found a genuine issue in need of repair that our engineer has missed, we'll take care of it."

The city of Windsor calls foul on that claim and said the bridge company can repair damage without any permission from the city.

Windsor said it plans to meet with bridge representatives to determine what needs to be done before streets will reopen.

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