Watch: Local 4 special 'Fighting 4 You'


DETROIT – For nearly 25 years, Ruth Spencer, head of WDIV's "Ruth to the Rescue" unit, has been fighting for Local 4 viewers. She's saved people from scams, tested products to see if they live up to their claims, alerted consumers about the latest recalls and changed lives.

As Spencer prepares for the next chapter in her life, retirement, WDIV is making sure her legacy lives on. She and Local 4 investigative reporter Hank Winchester are joining forces to ensure the station's commitment to the community's safety will be as strong as ever.

In this primetime special, viewers will see some of Spencer's most memorable rescues and Winchester will reveal what the future holds for him in his new role as Local 4's Consumer Investigator. You can watch the full special in the videos posted below.

First segment:


Second segment:


Third segment:


Fourth segment: