Silverdome to be demolished

Pontiac stadium will not be revived

PONTIAC, Mich. – Plans are in the works to have the Silverdome in Pontiac demolished, said a spokesman for Triple Investment Group.

The former home of the Detroit Lions went on sale earlier this year for $30 million. However, there was never any reported interest from prospective buyers.

The owners instead will demolish the Silverdome and sell the land. The owners don't have a time frame right now for when the demolition will begin.


The stadium, which at its peak seated more than 90,000 fans for NFL games, has not had a regular tenant since 2002.

It was built in 1975 for about $55 million and sold to Triple Investment Group in 2009 for just $583,000. The stadium has seen little action since the sale other than a monster truck event and European soccer match.

It has sat untouched for years while being badly damaged by weather and the lack of maintenance. Silverdome items, such as seats and concessions, were auctioned in 2014.

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