Lawmakers tour Detroit Public Schools

DETROIT – Over the past few weeks, we've seen the mold and the broken windows. 

However, on Friday, we saw what's working in a handful of Detroit Public Schools (DPS) after 11 of them received a portion of a $1 million grant from the Michigan legislatures. Lawmakers got a chance to see the money at work. 

"This is an example of a great school in an area of relatively low income that is doing rather well," said Mayor Mike Duggan. 

State Rep. Sherry Gay-Dagnogo (D-Detroit) lead the way by showing off new computers, tablets and a new pilot program called Imagine Learning being integrated into schools such as Gompers Elementary-Middle School. 

However, with teacher sick-outs on everyone's mind, Rep. Gay-Dagnogo and Mayor Duggan hope what lawmakers see Friday at six different schools can be applied to other schools which need the help. 

"Because if they only hear about the bad, then most of them will throw up their hands and say, 'What's the use? Let's just shut the whole district down," said Gay-Dagnogo. "If this school can thrive in this environment, this community. Then we can do the same thing and replicate that."

Duggan said the easy thing to do is to say what's not working. 

"The harder thing to do is get to a solution," he said.

State Senator Goeff Hansen (R-Hart) is keeping his eyes and ears open to report back to Lansing.  

"I want to make sure I'm talking to my colleagues. I want to make sure I'm talking to the administrators and the folks in the schools about some of their needs," he said. 

Meanwhile, another type of tour is taking place. Through April, city inspectors are going to all DPS schools to inspect the deplorable conditions which have sparked the sick-outs in the district.

Local 4 has requested to join the tours, but they are not allowed to have media members join them.