Next hearing is February in Bob Bashara's bid for new trial

Bashara serving life sentence for wife Jane Bashara's murder


DETROIT – The case surrounding Jane Bashara's murder won't head back to court until February.

Bob Bashara is serving a life sentence for playing part in his wife's 2012 murder at the family's Grosse Pointe Park home. However, he's asking for a new trial.

Meanwhile, a new development in the case has emerged. The man who admitted to killing Jane is changing his story about how and why he killed her. Joe Gentz has signed an affidavit in which he claims he acted alone. He originally told investigators he was hired by Bob to kill Jane. He said Bob held him at gunpoint while he strangled Jane in the family's garage.

But now he's saying Bob Bashara had nothing to do with it, and legal experts believe this could lead to a new trial.

"The reality is that Mr. Bashara and his lawyer have produced compelling, newly-discovered evidence that (Bob) Bashara was not involved and that Joseph Gentz acted alone. I mean, you can't get any more compelling than the gunman in a sworn affidavit swearing under the penalty of perjury that he acted alone," said legal expert Neil Rockind.

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