'Project Green Light' shows early success

DETROIT – “Project Green Light” has had its first success and Chief James Craig says the program is about to grow in a big way.

Gas stations around the city put up lights and cameras linked back to the Detroit Police “Real-Time Crime Center” where situations are being monitored and information can be relayed to officers in the field.

A 9-year-old boy was hit by a taxi Thursday morning while running across Jefferson Avenue. The boy suffered a broken leg. The taxi kept on driving.

A description of the taxi was quickly given to police who made contact with the driver.

“We have 30 stations waiting that we are going to be moving forward on and we’re very excited about that,” Chief Craig said. “We met with McDonald’s just yesterday, they want in.”

Gas station owners are using their money to install this high-tech equipment because it acts as a deterrent.

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