DPS, city sign consent outlining timeline for building fixes


DETROIT – The Detroit Public Schools and the city of Detroit have signed a consent that outlines a timeline and deadlines for fixing safety and health violations at the district’s school buildings.

The agreement covers the first 26 schools that were inspected and still require repairs.

The city of Detroit’s Building, Safety, Engineering & Environmental Department began a four-month process to inspect all 97 DPS buildings after mass teacher sick-outs and complaints about mice, mold and cold classrooms. So far, building inspectors have visited 64 DPS properties.

“What we wanted was a commitment for DPS with specific timelines for making each repair and a binding agreement enforceable in court if those timelines are not met,” Mayor Mike Duggan said. “We’re very encouraged that DPS has entered into this consent agreement and look forward to their prompt progress in creating safe schools for our children.”

Ivy Bailey, interim president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers, released the following statement:

“We’re glad to hear that, finally, there appears to be promising movement on fixing the horrendous conditions plaguing Detroit public schools. Rather than using a Band-Aid approach that wastes a lot of money and time, we hope this consent agreement works to revitalize our schools. Two things are key to ensuring that it will take care of the years-long problems: one, that it is enforced faithfully and two, that all safety and health violations are remediated properly and for the long term. We very much appreciate that Mayor Duggan has taken the initiative to get repairs done, something that the emergency manager should have done a long time ago. The Detroit Federation of Teachers has a pending lawsuit concerning the dangerous school building conditions. We do not plan to withdraw it until we are confident that the consent agreement’s commitments have been fulfilled. Detroit students, educators, parents and the community should have clean, safe, healthy public schools that any district would be proud to have.” 

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