Project GreenLight catches suburban carjackers on Detroit's east side

DETROIT – Project GreenLight continues to show success after a carjacking Saturday was resolved Sunday.

A Southfield man was carjacked Saturday morning on Shiawassee Street. The carjacker pointed a gun at the man’s head in his own driveway.

“He pulled a gun, pointed to my head and said ‘Get out of the car now,’” the man said. “It was a shock, especially in this neighborhood.

Southfield police responded to the scene, but the car and the gunman were gone.

On Sunday, that man’s car pulled into the Sunoco gas station at 7 Mile Road and Hoover Street. It’s a Project GreenLight gas station which means high-definition cameras sending a live feed to the Detroit Police Real Time Crime Center.

An officer was watching and ran the plate. The car came back as stolen. Photos were made of the two occupants in the vehicle and sent to members of the Commercial Auto Theft Unit.

After a car chase, both the 18-year-old and 15-year-old in the car were arrested.

About the Author:

Local 4 Defender Shawn Ley is an Emmy award-winning journalist who has been with Local 4 News for more than a decade.