Kalamazoo sheriff's office: Shooting suspect's $10 million lawsuit against Uber is hoax


DETROIT – A $10 million lawsuit against Uber that is listed in U.S. District court as being filed by Kalamazoo shooting rampage suspect Jason Dalton is a hoax, the county sheriff's office said. 

"To let you know, the Dalton lawsuit was a hoax. I was suspicious last night when I saw the envelope the lawsuit came in was postmarked Philadelphia. We investigated and Dalton did not send it, did not authorize it and does not know who sent it. Further it was not his handwriting and it is not a jail envelope," said Undersheriff Pali Matyas. 

The handwritten lawsuit (view here) was listed in online court records on Tuesday. 

The lawsuit said Dalton is "in prison because of Uber," though it doesn't mention the shootings directly. Police said Dalton told investigators after the Feb. 20 rampage in Kalamazoo that "a devil figure" on the Uber app was controlling him.

The complaint also said Uber "ripped" Dalton off and failed to pay him back wages and overtime.

Dalton is charged with murder and attempted murder in the shootings. Two people survived.

Uber's security chief said last month that until the shootings, the company had no reason to believe anything was amiss with Dalton.