Baby found safe in Detroit after being taken in stolen car

Amber Alert issued for Dakota Grimes

DETROIT – A 3-month-old Detroit girl is safe after she was missing for more than seven hours when the car she was in was stolen early Monday morning from outside a store on the city's east side. 

An Amber Alert was issued for Dakota Grimes. Police said she was sleeping in the back seat of a running white 2006 Chevy Impala at 1 a.m. when her father went inside a liquor store at 16636 Harper Ave.

When he came out, the car was gone, police said. 

UPDATE: Amber Alert canceled for Detroit baby Dakota Grimes

Grimes was found at about 8 a.m. on a porch a mile from where the car was stolen, Police Chief James Craig said. (Watch full news conference here)

Gary Zilinksi said he showed up at the house to do some work when he almost tripped over the baby. 

"At first, I didn't see the baby because I wasn't paying attention. I knocked on the door and I looked down and I said, 'There's a baby siting on the porch,'" Zilinski said. "I'm just glad I came at the right time."

Local 4 was there as a police officer carried the baby to an ambulance to be checked over.

"This has turned out to be a 'good news' story," said Craig. 

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Craig said that the girl's father is cooperating with police, and that he is not a suspect. Craig said he told the father that he was angry about his decision to leave the baby in the car, and that he had created a recipe for a "bad situation."

Dakota's grandmother, who asked to be identified only as Mary, said she thought her daughter was joking when she first said the baby was missing. But, when she got the Amber Alert, she knew it was serious. 

"I got nine (children) of my own, and I know what it's like being a mother. I don't know what my daughter is going through right now. As a mother, I know how a mother feels about the safety of her children," Mary said. "I'm just happy that she's alive. Oh, my God. I'm so excited." 

Mary said she is trying to keep a level head about Dakota's father until she can find out exactly what happened. 

"Stuff happens, I get it. Stuff does happen. But, you know, hopefully, it's something they can both learn from. Let it be something that you learn from. Don't ever do this," she said. 

(Store where car was stolen from)

Description of missing Impala

Craig said police believe that three men stole the Impala -- Michigan license plate is CPG 8598. The driver had braids, Craig said.

Police said it has driver's side rear bumper damage, its trunk doesn't close completely, and the driver's side tail light is broken out - red tape is covering it.

UPDATE: Police find stolen car which prompted Amber Alert for Detroit baby; 1 in custody

Anyone who has information on the stolen car is asked to call 911.