Family: 2-year-old shot on Detroit's east side is still alive

Police make 3 arrests

DETROITUPDATE: Thursday morning, Detroit police told Local 4 that 2-year-old Makanzee Oldham had died from her injuries. At 11:30 a.m., Local 4 spoke with her mother who corrected the information to say that her daughter is still alive. 

McKenzie was in a vehicle Wednesday evening in the 14000 block of Fairmont Street when a fight broke out, police said.

Shots were fired, and Makanzee was struck. 

Help for Makanzee's family: GoFundMe

Sources told Local 4 the fight started after someone spilled a drink.  

Detroit police name, arrest suspect

Shortly after the shooting, police released a picture of parolee Cleveland Smelley, saying they were looking for him. 

“He fired at the guy, and he’s such a good aim that he missed, and hit a kid. I have no use for this individual right now; however, I want him arrested. I want to see him alive,” said Detroit Police Assistant Chief Steve Dolunt. 

He was arrested Thursday. 

Two other people are in custody. 

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