Vandals break tombstones at cemetery in Flat Rock

FLAT ROCK, Mich. – On the eve of Memorial Day, vandals have desecrated several tombstones at a cemetery in Flat Rock. 

The cemetery is the final resting place for Revolutionary Patriot Michael Vreeland and others. 

"They got home from the Revolutionary War and started this, and they had their own family burial ground," said groundskeeper Ron Klingel. 

Klingel has spent the past decade maintaining the cemetery and its pieces of history. 

"There's never been a lock on the gate. You don't lock cemeteries. It's just here for viewings and paying your respect," Klingel said. "It's a terrible shame." 

Klingel didn't let the vandalism stop him from showing honor for the brave. He still placed flags by each grave. 

Klingel said he doesn't know how much it will cost to fix the tombstones. 

"It's a financial burden. We'll have to pay for all of this, but we'll put it back like it belongs," Klingel said. 

You can help

The Flat Rock Historical Society is accepting donations to help cover the repair cost. If you'd like to help, call Leslie at 734-730-3213.