2 Novi homes destroyed by fire

No injuries reported after incident on Sullivan Lane

NOVI, Mich. – Two homes in Novi were badly damaged by a fire Saturday, fire officials said.

The blaze happened in the 25000 block of Sullivan Lane.

It appears some propane tanks stored inside a garage may have been to blame for the fire. By the time firefighters arrived, the fire had already jumped to the house next door.

The intense smoke could be seen from miles away, but it wasn't the fire or smoke that forced Tammy Welsh to step outside.

"I heard the noise. I heard explosions," Welsh said.

It was the noise of cars burning and whatever else was store inside a garage. By the time Welsh made it to the block, she was in disbelief regarding the destruction.

"I saw the smoke and it was overwhelming," Welsh said. "The sight of everything, that house catching on fire."

Neighbors told Local 4 News they did what they could to keep the fire from spreading beyond the two houses.

"I was using garden hoses to take care of the flaring and putting some water," neighbor Gunesh Kanetkar.

But the fire was swift. Several fire companies assisted Novi firefighters in getting it under control.

"What was difficult with this is it got started and it extended very quickly," said Jeffery Johnson, of the Novi Fire Department.

Local 4 News is told the fire started in the garage of one house. At least one woman was inside. She escaped with a pet.

No one was injured, fire officials said.