Off-duty security guard shoots would-be robber in Detroit

Licensed gun holder shoots 21-year-old, 3 others flee scene on 7 Mile Road

DETROIT – A group of would-be robbers messed with the wrong man Thursday morning when they confronted an off-duty security guard early Thursday morning on Detroit's west side. 

Cordaro Boyd had just got off a bus on his way to his cousin's house on 7 Mile Road near Warrington when he said he saw four men run across the street towards him. 

The 29-year-old said they asked him for gas money. 

“I shrugged my shoulders, kept moving. A guy pulled out a big ol’ gun, and I was still moving away from them, but the one hit me in the back of the head with a baton stick or whatever," Boyd said. “He had his gun pointed at me and I did what I had to do.” 

Boyd, who has a gun license, shot one of the men -- a 21-year-old who is in temporary serious condition, and who is also in police custody. 

The other three men fled. 

Police: Security guard's robbery connected to another crime

Police said they believe the same group of men are responsible for robbing a woman just an hour earlier in the area of Fenkell and Whitcomb. Police said the woman was approached by a group of men who pushed her around and stole her purse -- which had a taser and a baton in it.