Preliminary hearing in Deontae Mitchell case reveals heartbreaking details

A witness says the 13-year-old was crying and begging to be taken home

DETROIT – The three accused of murdering 13-year-old Deontae Mitchell had a court date today which revealed details on how the child feared for his life, and begged his kidnappers to take him home.

Anthony Young testified today against his cousin, Gregory Walker, had Deontae in a car with his hands tied up.

The 13-year-old never made it home despite an Amber Alert being issued, and his lifeless body was later found dead in a field on Detroit’s east side.

Young says the three were angry at Deontae for picking up some cash which was dropped on the ground by Walker, and it’s alleged they later abducted the child at gunpoint, throwing him into their vehicle.

Young says he tried to console the child, who was tied up in the back seat.

“I understand you’re in a car full of strangers I know you want to go home.“ he said.

“They’re going to drop you off at home.”

When asked if the child was scared. Young said he was.

“He was just there crying. Just crying” he said.

Young says Walker told him Deontae took around $70 and Young offered to pay him to release the boy.

“ I went in my shoe and I got the money out my sock and gave him the money back, I said I’ll take the loss of the money he took, just drop him off at the corner and let him go.” He said.

Young said he was dropped off at home and that was the last time he saw Deontae alive.

When asked by the prosecutor why he didn’t call 911 to report the kidnapping, he replied: “I just wanted to go home.”

Gregory Walker, Lillian Roberts and Ernest Coleman have been charged with Deontae’s murder.

During the hearing, Walker was almost thrown out by the judge for making faces during testimonies from witnesses.

All three have been charged with murder and are facing other charges in the case.

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