83-year-old woman dies after 3-car hit-and-run crash in Detroit

DETROIT – An 83-year-old woman who was hit in a three-car hit-and-run crash Sunday on Detroit's east side has died.

That woman, Charlotte Kish, was known to neighbors as the flower lady. She spent most days along Outer Drive, keeping the median clean. Witnesses said she was doing just that when she found herself in the middle of the crash. The driver who caused the crash took off running.

"She's always on her knees, planting flowers," neighbor Sandra Davis said. "She tries to keep (the) neighborhood and block together."

Police said a silver Buick lost control and rear-ended a black Chrysler 300, which then slammed right into a pickup truck that Kish was next to. 

"When it hit the old lady's car, she went flying," witness Jeffawn Weatherspoon said.

The impact threw her several feet into the air before she landed on a pole.

"Her body bent the pole," Weatherspoon said. "I can't really explain ... it was crazy."

Police said the person behind the wheel of the Buick left the woman bleeding in the road. On Monday, police said Kish had passed away from her injuries.

"You can't understand why somebody would do this and keep on going like that," Davis said. "You can run, but you can't hide. You're going (to) get caught sooner or later."

Police are still looking for the driver who caused the crash.


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