Apartment building in Southwest Detroit catches fire

Building is at Central Avenue, Pitt Street

DETROIT – Detroit fire officials are investigating whether arson is to blame for a fire that broke out Monday at an apartment building on the city's southwest side. 

The fire happened at around 4 p.m. on Central Avenue between Vernor Highway and Dix Street. 

Residents who live in the building told Local 4 everyone was yelling to warn them to get out.

“There was just smoke everywhere and I was scared,” said Rita Gonzales.

James Chrisapulon is lucky to be alive, but saddened by what he might have lost.

“The flames were shooting my way, so whatever I left upstairs is history,” he said.

Fire officials on the scene said the fire started in the apartment of a man who was being evicted, and there is concern that he might have started the fire. 

No injuries were reported.