Fireworks might be responsible for catching Melvindale business on fire

Fire caught on surveillance video

MELVINDALE, Mich. – Fireworks could be responsible for sending a fuel pump repair and sales businesses in Melvindale up in flames, and causing more than $100,000 worth of damage.

It was around midnight Sunday when the business at Allen Road and Elizabeth Street caught fire.

Owner Sam Chahrour said he hasn’t slept since because of the stress. 

Surveillance video shows the fire igniting and spreading.

Chahrour said he thinks the cardboard the pumps are wrapped in didn’t help.

Keith Viger lives right behind where the fire started. Not only did he try to put it out, it’s also possible his fireworks caused it.

"We did everything we could do," Viger said. 

Viger said he thought the pumps were empty.

"They're always going to have fumes in them," Chahrour said. 

Chahrour  said he does have insurance. 

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