'Lucky Fin Project' holds picnic for children

Each child is born unique and special in their own way. In a society with shows dedicated to artificial features one mom set out to inspire her young daughter, Ryan, who was born without a fully developed right hand.

Molly Stapleman gained her inspiration from the Disney character Nemo of the 2003 hit “Finding Nemo,” who was born without a fully developed fin which he called his “Lucky Fin."

In celebration of her daughter, Molly began making limb difference awareness bracelets, and from her creativity the “Lucky Fin Project” was born.

At a time where she felt as though her family was alone in dealing with the difference of her baby girl, Molly’s research proved otherwise.

After connecting with parents and families of children like Ryan, the organization grew tremendously. This non-profit organization links parents and children from across the world together, creating a tight-knit community of support and encouragement.

Today the “Lucky Fin Project” hosted a picnic in Troy that brought limb difference children and adults from across the world together. Special guest included limb difference authors, a musician and the voice of the Disney character “Nemo”.

The entire purpose of the organization is to inspire limb difference individuals to learn from the courageous Disney character, and not allow their difference to keep them from accomplishing their goals.

That purpose was evident today as children played baseball and catch with friends that have differences similar to theirs.

Although medically and physically their differences may be obvious, the most notable thing about these inspiring young people is their willingness to embrace their differences and live the best life possible as their authentic selves.