Southfield dog receives 60 staples after pit bull attack

Dog owner paid $1,600 for dog's 3 1/2-hour surgery

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. – A Southfield dog is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a pit bull and getting 60 staples from an emergency veterinarian.

Bella, a 5-year-old shepherd mix, was collared and tethered in her backyard while her owner cut the grass. That's when a pit bull on a chain went into the yard and grabbed Bella. The pit bull ripped into her so hard her collar came off as she was dragged into the street.

"She was torn apart from here all the way over here," Chuck Gleason told Local 4.

He said he heard the dogs barking and the pit bull’s owner screaming and trying to pull his dog off Bella. But the man couldn't pull the pit bull free. Gleason ran into the middle of the fighting dogs and pulled Bella away, but she was seriously hurt.

The pit bull’s owner asked if Bella was OK and took off. He hasn’t been seen since.

Bella's owner paid $1,600 at the emergency vet as the dog needed 60 staples.

Gleason filed a police report, but his description of the man and dog doesn't include much. He described the owner as a young white man with short, brownish hair. He said the dog was a white pit bull with brown patches.

Gleason thinks the least the pit bull’s owner could do is stop by with his homeowner’s insurance information and offer to pay for what turned into a 3 1/2-hour surgery for Bella.

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