Mother of Wixom murder victim comes to his defense

Victim's girlfriend charged with fatally shooting him

WIXOM, Mich. – The family of a man who was murdered in Wixom in front of his young siblings is coming to his defense after his girlfriend, who is charged with murdering the 21-year-old, made it sound like she feared him during a court hearing.

Laricca Mathews is charged with open murder and felony firearms in the murder of her boyfriend, Gabriel Dumas. Police said the shooting happened in front of his young brother and sister.

"Can I apply for haven for women, abused women?" Mathews asked in court.

Dumas' family said Tuesday this was a domestic violence case. They said Dumas had been living with Mathews for the last year and that his siblings had been at the apartment since last Tuesday night.

The family is angry about what Mathews said in court.

"You done went to Kalahari for two nights and Cedar Point with my kids and you're going to kill their brother in front of them?" Erica Dumas asked. "How dare you. And then say somebody was battered? You're 37 years old. If you (were) battered, you know what to do. Call the police and get a peace bond and tell him don't come back out here. No, you just wanted more money."

Dumas said she didn't get along with her son's girlfriend, calling her a gold digger. Dumas said Mathews was the abusive one and that she didn't like her son seeing the older woman.

"Nothing was ever enough for her," Dumas said. "He spent money on the car, her daughter. He spent it on that apartment."

Dumas found out about her son's murder by Child Protective Services and a police detective who called her. Her two children who witnessed the shooting are back with her, scheduled to get counseling next week.

"They're doing well," she said. "Better than I thought they would."

Dumas was glad to see Mathews in court, but she said it doesn't change what happened.

"It's not going to bring my baby back," Dumas said. "Charge her. Give her time. The Lord will deal with you."

Dumas' funeral is Monday in Detroit.

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