Hunter S. Thompson's widow returns Hemingway's stolen antlers

Thompson took antlers in 1964

(Wikipedia Commons)


More than half a century after Hunter S. Thompson visited Ernest Hemingway's Idaho home and lifted a set of trophy elk antlers, his widow has returned them.

The Associated Press reports Anita Thompson gave the antlers back Aug. 5, saying Hunter had always been embarrassed about taking them.

"He wished he hadn't taken them," she said. "He was young, it was 1964, and he got caught up in the moment. He talked about it several times, about taking a road trip and returning them."

The antlers were returned to the Ketchum, Idaho Community Library, which helps preserve items in the Hemingway residence. After the antlers' return to Ketchum, the trophy piece was then shipped to Hemingway's grandson in New York.

The antlers hung for decades in the garage of Thompson's home near Aspen, Colorado.

"One of the stories that has often been told over the years is the story of Hunter S. Thompson taking the antlers," said Ketchum Library's Jenny Emery Davidson. "These are two great literary figures who came together over the item of the antlers."