Off-duty Detroit police officer suspended after suspected high speed crash

A sergeant for the Detroit Police Department is under investigation after she was involved in a high-speed crash on July 3 which left two people seriously injured, police say. 

Lolita Carter, a 15-year sergeant for the department, was driving on the night of July 3rd in her personal car when she allegedly collided with another car around 2 a.m.

Police say she was off duty at the time of the crash which occurred at the corner of Plymouth Road and St Mary's Street on Detroit’s west side.

Witnesses say they heard a loud crash which could be heard halfway up the block adding the crash had such a hard impact, the engine of one of the cars landed in the middle of the street. The crash left the driver of the other vehicle and Carter's passenger seriously injured.

Detroit police said Carter has since been suspended from the DPD but added that there were no signs of alcohol being involved with the crash.

The prosecutor is reviewing the warrant requests made by the DPD toward Carter and the driver of the other vehicle.

Neighbors in the area say if speeding was involved Carter should be appropriately charged.

"She should get some charges, they should know better than that flying around like that. We have teenagers doing it --you turn around and the police are doing it," said a neighbor who witnessed the crash.

Detroit police say an internal investigation is underway.