Shots fired at Detroit principal on second day of school

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DETROIT – The second day of school began Wednesday morning with shots fired at a Detroit principal's car as he was pulling into school.

The shooting happened before 7 a.m. at Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern.

According to Detroit Public Schools Community District, principal Kenyuano Jones was shot at three times as he pulled into the school's parking lot. Several windows were shot out.

Police said the shooter was hiding in trees along a fence line.

The principal ran into the Detroit Collegiate Preparatory High School at Northwestern and called police. The principal was not wounded.

Jones released this statement Wednesday afternoon:

I was informed that this was a pending investigation so not to talk but please let the community, students, staff and parents be aware that this is an isolated incident and the district is doing everything it can to ensure our safety."

A Detroit Police K-9 Units tracked the scent about 200 yards from the shooting. 

According to the district, police believe the shooter was a graduate of the school who was recently a volunteer at the school but was told yesterday he could no longer volunteer after there was some sort of problem.

“We are not sure he’s the perpetrator but we do want to interview him because of the principal having him removed from the building yesterday,” DPSCD Police Chief Stacy Brackens said.

DPD is assisting DPSPD with the investigation. The shooter is not in custody.

No other information is available.

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