Chaos erupts in Detroit church after protests during service

New Era Detroit protesters show up at church

DETROIT – There was chaos in a Detroit church over the weekend when protesters yelled out during a service.

The incident happened at Great Faith Ministries on Grand River Avenue, the church where Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited Sept. 3 and spoke to the congregation. That didn't sit well with the group New Era Detroit, which aims to restore unity in black communities. New Era Detroit members showed up at the church Saturday and interrupted the service.

Marc d'Andre of 7 Mile Radio was at the church as an observer and shot the video.

"I got word that New Era Detroit was going to be at the church where Donald Trump spoke and I just saw a funnel cloud in the air," d'Andre said.

That funnel cloud touched down as security pushed protesters out, including d'Andre, and went nose to nose with them in the parking lot.

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson stood behind his security team's actions because he didn't know what was happening when someone charged his pulpit.

"He jumped up with dark glasses and a cane and said, 'Power to the people' and my security took him out," Jackson said. "You're not going to come into God's house and (do that). This is a place of worship."

But d'Andre said the interruption was in the back.

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"It was nothing violent going on on the inside," d'Andre said. "The people said the chant happened and then all the New Era rushed to the front and up the aisle. There was not enough time for all that to happen."

Jackson said the church has gotten hate mail and threats since Trump visited. He also isn't fond of New Era Detroit.

"Look at their track record," Jackson said. "They have a bunch of drug users and drug pushers. If you don't like Donald Trump, that's your problem. Trump has every right to worship here, like anyone else."

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