Trenton man charged with torturing, killing Yorkies

Allen Bonds charged with home invasion, animal cruelty, torture causing death

TRENTON. Mich. – A Trenton man who was studying to become a crime scene investigator was in court Tuesday, and a judge charged him with torturing and killing animals.

Rick Bonds said his son, Allen, loved animals and isn't capable of the horrific crimes he's accused of.

Trenton police said Bonds tortured, poisoned and killed three Yorkies.

In July 2014, Allen Bonds was watching his girlfriend's mother’s two dogs. When the family returned, its older dog, O’Malley, was dead. The younger dog, Rori, was sick and died 15 days later.

The victim's family got a new Yorkie, named Flanigan, and the abuse escalated. The family found the dog injured in his cage, and days later, someone broke two of his paws.

Police said at that point, the vet started to suspect Bonds. A week later, the dog’s neck was snapped, and Flanigan was killed.

When Bonds left for school, the family got a fourth Yorkie. McGee was unharmed until a neighbor saw Bonds at the home in December. The dog was found with a bloody nose and an eye injury, but survived the attack.

Bonds was arrested at Ferris State University Tuesday night and charged with home invasion, animal cruelty and torture causing death. He couldn't pay the $25,000 bail, so he remains behind bars.

The family said after it started to suspect Bonds, he was never left in charge of the dogs again. But he had access to the home because he was dating the daughter.

Police said Bonds allegedly snapped the neck of one dog when his girlfriend went to change her clothes. In the other incident, he allegedly broke into their home to attack their dog.

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