Officer involved in 2-vehicle crash on Detroit's west side

4 people listed temporarily in serious condition

DETROIT – Detroit police are investigating a crash involving a Chevy Impala and a Detroit police officer, which happened Saturday near Tuxedo and Linwood streets on Detroit's west side.

Police said the officer was heading north on Linwood Street with at least his lights on, but when he got to the intersection, he T-boned a car. The car ended up several yards away in a parking lot. Police are now trying to figure out who was at fault.

Airbags were deployed in the squad car and the Impala's driver was trapped inside. A mother and her two daughters, ages 14 and 2, were in the Impala.

Police said the officer's car T-boned the Chevy, the car's driver lost control and it hopped the curb. The car's front wheel snapped before stopping.

Cliff Crain, who heard the crash, stepped outside and jumped into action to help out.

"First I ran to the police car, since he was the closet to me," Crain said. "He was getting out. He was OK. We had seen the other vehicle, so we rushed to render aid and assistance."

But getting to them posed a risk due to a barbwire fence.

"We all started lifting the fence and allowed other guys to go under, and we got the lady out of the vehicle and helped get the kids out," Crain said.

The officer, the woman and her two daughters were taken by ambulance to a hospital. The Detroit Police Department said the officer was responding to a call for help. It's unclear if any sirens were on.

But witnesses were positive about one thing.

"The lights were flashing, yes, the top of lights. Everything was flashing," Crain said.

The officer, the woman and her two daughters were listed in temporary serious condition, which is a good condition at the hospital.

The crash, which remains under investigation, shut down the intersection for nearly two hours.