Keep your favorite workouts, despite change of season

Weather keeping you inside? Look no further for fitness solutions

Biking, swimming, and paddle boarding are three summer time favorites that don't have to stop just because the weather is changing.

Lori Korte and her daughter Lindsey enjoy exercising outside.

"I do love to bike outside, yes.  I bike a lot.  I do mountain biking and road biking," Korte said.

However, the two are already gearing up for the cold months ahead by moving their workouts inside at Cyclebar in Northville,

"I love getting my sweat on the bikes," Lindsey Korte said. "The music they make it so fun, you don't really realize how much you're sweating until you get off the bike and you're like 'Wow, that was a really great work.' And I think it's a really good cross-training too for when you do go back outdoors in the spring you're going to be that much faster because of how they train you here."

Katie Connor, the manager at Cyclebar says clients can come to the indoor cycling theatre, set goals and track their progress.

"As the seasons are changing and it's getting fall and winter, and the weather is getting cooler, a lot of our outdoor riders are coming inside and they can use their cycle stats which tell you how many calories you've burned, your maximum rpms which is your speed and your ranking in class, and as the weather gets colder you can set goals and then track your progress over the next few months," Connor said.

Connor said at Cyclebar it's all about the experience, once inside the Cycle Theatre the lights go down, the music goes up and the bikers cycle to the beat.

"It allows you a time to physically work out but also mentally and emotionally disappear from everything that's happening on the outside of that door," Connor said.

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Paddle boarding was popular this summer and at the Beverly Hills Club you can get the same workout by hanging ten inside!

"We have surf boards that sit on the ground that are indoor and it offers that same challenge with your core and with your balance, so you can get a great indoor workout there," said Jody Trierweiler.

Trierweiler said even if you have never gotten on a paddle board, the change of season can be a chance to try something new.

"If you are going to come inside into a gym environment you might as well try something different for your body and challenge your muscles in a new way," Trierweiler said.

She also recommends TRX training, suspension training using your own body weight.

"Being upside down is so great for your body and it changes the blood flow and the blood flows into your head helps with your balance," Trierweiler said.

For more on the workouts at the Beverly Hills Club, click here. http://www.beverlyhillsclub.net/

Many swimmers are taking their workouts inside including at the Boll Family YMCA in downtown Detroit.  People can come swim laps and
they also offer swim lessons for adults who are just getting started.

"If you've never tried swimming, its a great time to do it because it's almost no impact on your joints," Trierweiler said.

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No matter how you exercise Trierweiler says put your workouts in your calendar and make them standing appointments.

"You have to hold that appointment just as you would something with your career something with your children it should be that important," Trierweiler said.  "Our schedules are transitioning from that kind of freedom that we feel in the summer a little bit and why not reset your body and reset your goals and take a look at everything you're doing we're pretty far away from January and to just let yourself coast through he holiday is probably not the most physically responsible thing you can do."

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