Man claims to encounter Bigfoot while camping in Michigan

Two men camping out in the Michigan wilderness claim to have possibly encountered Bigfoot.

A self-described avid outdoorsman posted about the experience on Reddit. 

Never really was big in the Bigfoot scene until last month out in the middle of the woods in Waterloo-Pinckney for small game/backpacking trip with my buddy. Got there last night around 1130pm. We set up our camp by about 1230. Around 2am we wake up and my buddy mentions to me about how cold it was. We hear footsteps around 20 to 25 feet away from us. We both are just laying still at this point, just to hear what's with us. The most loud, freakiest, inhuman yell/scream/roar is shouted towards us twice before it took off fast from us with heavy two footed running. The only remotely close animal I've heard make this sound are mountain lions and cougars. The way it was running sounded two footed (as opposed to a four legged gallop, and the sound of it crashing through the woods made us realize it was BIG) We joked about it being a Bigfoot... Then we saw how much he's seen in these parts of Michigan. We think it must have seen us in the dark. We moved into the car for the night after this.

Background: both my friend and I are Marine Reserves, and have been raised to be very avid outdoorsman. My father and I are into bushcrafting and backpacking, my mom is into car camping, and my friends parents are avid hunters, backpackers, and his mom was DNR. We're no strangers to the woods and wildlife, and have experienced a lot of nature and different animals and sounds that are part of our natural habitat in Michigan. This is unlike anything either of us have heard.

Some in the comment thread responded, suggesting it was a cougar. But the user insists it was definitely running on two feet.

 I'd say that it was running fairly quickly, because it was screaming as it was moving, and the screams moved pretty quickly as well as the sounds of its foot impacting the ground. Which also sounded like longer strides, as the impact wasn't very close together. Probably about the strides I'd take, maybe slightly longer, and I'm 6'2. As for where the screams were when we heard them, I couldn't tell you if they were high or low. They weren't ground level but being between 5-7 feet above the ground, I couldn't give you the specifics. It was so incredibly loud that it just filled the forest.

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