Suspect in fatal hit-and-run involving officer had dark habits, sources say

Steven Guzina was arrested last night after allegedly leaving the scene of a crash that killed eight-year veteran Detroit police officer Myron Jarrett.

Guzina is known for his wife’s popular Tiajuana Mexican Kitchen restaurants around Detroit, but family members of Guzina said there are darker details about the man who was accused of Friday night’s fatal hit-and-run.

On Friday at approximately 10:30 p.m., Jarrett and another officer were assisting other officers at a traffic stop when Jarrett was allegedly struck by Guzina, who was driving a white van. After the crash, Guzina allegedly fled the scene.

Police said they immediately identified Guzina because the van, which was still at the scene of the crash, was registered to him.

Guzina was later tracked down near Grand River and Schaeffer Avenues and was taken into custody.

Police said Guzina refused to take a breathalyzer test, and a search warrant was prepared to draw blood to test of drugs and alcohol.

Before Guzina was located, officers went to his home in Lincoln Park, where a woman, believed to be his wife or ex-wife, answered the door.

VIDEO: Suspect in fatal hit-and-run involving officer had dark past, sources say

Sources say the woman told investigations that Guzina frequently visits the area of the hit-and-run while allegedly going on ‘crack cocaine benders.’

Witnesses at the scene of the crash said a woman was seen running from Guzina’s van, but family members said they don’t know who that woman could be and sources speculate that Guzman may have picked up a prostitute.

Family members told investigators that Guzina lost half of his family business due to his alleged drug problem.

Officers who were on the scene of the traffic stop with officer Jarrett said they heard Guzina rev his engine before speeding toward him. The officers yelled out for officer Jarret to move, but he was unable to get out of the way in time.

Jarrett was transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Cause of death was due to multiple injuries.

Chief Craig told reporters during a press conference that Jarrett was an eight-year veteran on the force and a father of four with one of his children having special needs.

Chief Craig said Jarrett had been at the 12th precinct for the last three years.