Warren Mayor Jim Fouts defends himself in scathing letter to Mark Hackel

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WARREN, Mich. – Mayor Jim Fouts defended his actions and continued his feud with Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel in an open letter Wednesday.

[The full letter is available below]

In the letter, Fouts explained his disappointment in Hackel being a “no-show” at a scheduled televised debate Monday and addressed several statements that Hackel made last week. He also defended his response to what he is calling an “emergency in Warren.”

Fouts posted a message to Facebook just before midnight on Nov. 16 about a major environmental scandal and said that it “could be a mini version of what happened in Flint.”

Hackel held a news conference Nov. 17 to address Fouts’ statement and calm the public who became worried about their drinking water. At the conference, Hackel said Fouts has a track record of “alarmist” comments.

Fouts hit back in an open letter Nov. 22 with accusations of conspiracy and an environmental cover-up in an illegal dumping operation at Freedom Hill.

Hackel appeared on Flashpoint to discuss recent corruption charges against leaders in his county. Fouts appeared on Flashpoint the following week.

Fouts also took to Facebook Wednesday with scathing comments about Hackel's leadership:

Contrary to what was released by Hackel and the SMDA (in M.Daily ) no action was taken until after my Facebook...

Posted by Jim Fouts on Wednesday, November 30, 2016