Lost teddy bear has grand adventure at Metro Airport, finds way back home

DETROIT – An 8-year-old girl lost her teddy bear at the Metro Airport last night, and her mom launched "Operation Teddy" on Facebook to find the stuffed animal.

Eleanor Dewald has been attached to her teddy bear, named "Teddy," after her preschool teacher gave it to her four years ago.

Eleanor left "Teddy" at the airport after a trip with her family; when her mother, Trish Dewald, posted about the bear on Facebook, her high-school friend, Steven Laudeman, who also works at the airport, saw the posts and looked for the bear.

"I went to Spirit and asked if they saw a teddy bear, and they said 'yes, there was one over there on the trash can so it was on the trash can,' Laudeman said.

Laudeman then took photos with Teddy all over the airport and posted them to Facebook for Eleanor and her mother, Trish Dewald, to see.

Eleanor was reunited with Teddy this afternoon after school and was excited to bring her beloved bear home.

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