Man accused of making Facebook threat toward Fraser officer who shot dog

Devon Gomez faces federal charges after expressing outrage on Facebook

FRASER, Mich. – A man who was upset about the shooting of a dog by a Fraser police officer expressed his outrage on Facebook, but what he allegedly said has him facing criminal charges.

Devon Gomez was arrested after learning that something posted on Facebook can come back to bite him.

"In light, we take threats seriously," Fraser police Lt. Mike Pettyes said.

Two weeks ago, Fraser and animal lovers took to Facebook to express outrage after an officer shot a dog named "Meeko" in the leg.

Police said the officer had no choice, but many people disagree.

Gomez, 25, joined the outrage. He said he's living with his mother and can't work after a motorcycle accident.

But he's on Facebook, and police said he's making threats.

"Find out the name of (the officer who) did it and post it for us if you can," he posted.

Facebook followers found the officer's name and posted it.

"I'm so angry, I want to go after the officer," police said Gomez wrote. "I truly hope and pray for the downfall of this officer. I can't stop thinking about how this ... Fraser Michigan police department cop hasn't been held accountable. I'm down to knock that cop the black out and go to jail. It would be worth it. I'm not letting black go."

The post resulted in Gomez's arrest.

"At best, he used poor judgment," James Conrad, Gomez's attorney, said. "He jumped in on a Facebook account, where he had no business being."

You can see Shawn Ley's full story from Local 4 News at 6 in the video posted above.

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