Kevin Dietz discusses former DPD officers convicted of conspiracy and their appeal

They were officers with the Detroit Police Department, convicted of conspiracy and sentenced to long prison terms, and now looking to appeal their convictions and get a new trial.

David Hansberry and Bryan Watson were found not guilty in nine of the 10 charges against them. They believe they were convicted of conspiracy to commit crimes based on audio tapes played in court, in which they were secretly recorded talking about ripping off drug dealers.

The former officers claim they were intentionally pretending to be dirty cops as part of their job. Hansberry and Watson feel the prosecutors misled the jury into thinking it's against the law for police to lie. They also say that they reported the conversations to Internal Affairs.

They also accuse the federal government of calling known liars, perjurers and criminals as witnesses against them.

In a written press statement after the conviction, the U.S. Attorney's Office praised the hard work of the FBI in taking down two dirty cops who tarnished the good names of honest officers.

Local 4 Defender Kevin Dietz talks about the former officer case and their next course of action.