Retired Detroit police officer in custody after shots fired; grenades found in home

Grenades, grenade launchers, stolen batteries found in man's home

DETROIT – A retired Detroit police officer has been arrested on suspicion of drunk driving, and police believe he is suspected of firing 20-30 rounds Monday morning on the city's west side.

The situation started around 3:30 a.m. on Abington near Ray Monnier which is in the area of Southfield and Grand River. Detroit police said the man made some concerning comments to another individual during a phone conversation in which he alerted police.

At 3:28 a.m., 911 callers reported someone shooting an automatic rifle. The callers reported 20-30 rounds being fired. 

A perimeter was set up quickly and police watched him get in his car and attempt to flee the area. Detroit police pulled him over and took him into custody without incident. They believe he had been drinking. 

Authorities say the man was on the force for about 20 years and has been retired for eight.

"It does appear that way -- alcohol," said Cmdr. Elvin Barren. "An officer from the precinct who knows him made a call (to his home), at which time that officer stated he appeared to be drunk during a conversation, he used some profane language and then hung up on him." 

Police expect the retired officer will be charged with OWI.

Grenade, grenade launchers, stolen batteries found in home

Officers entered the home to make sure there weren't any victims inside. Instead, inside they found grenades, grenade launchers and stolen batteries from the Detroit Police Department. 

The Detroit Bomb Squad was called to the home. Neighbors were advised to shelter in place.

Police found 12 rifles, two handguns and a shotgun inside the home. The explosive components of the grenades were removed and they were not live. A police radio was also found.

ATF was on the scene to document the findings.

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