Detroit man sentenced in kidnapping, torture of woman who escaped vacant home

DETROIT – A 50-year-old rapist learned his sentence Thursday morning in a case where a woman was kidnapped and tortured in a vacant house on Detroit’s west side.

Alex Myron Moore was sentenced to at least 29 years in prison under a plea agreement. He will likely spend the rest of his life behind bars because the parole board will look at his previous crimes.

A woman was held against her will in a vacant home on Schoolcraft Avenue near Schaefer Highway for nearly two days back in September. An investigation revealed she was raped and beaten repeatedly.

Police said Moore left the house at some point, locking every door, but the woman was able to break a window and jump to safety. Calls to 911 reported the partially naked woman was seen running away from a vacant home looking for help.

Police recovered evidence from the vacant home, including a rifle and a sword. The victim was stabbed multiple times. She lost her spleen and a lung.

Moore was arrested the next day near 14th and Highland streets. Neighbors said Moore was a squatter in the house for more than a year. He was charged with torture and assault with intent to murder.

The victim spoke at the sentencing, telling her attacker that he is a monster.

“I didn’t deserve this at all,” the victim said. “You thought I was dead, but I fought. You put me through hell. You think you have broken me, but I’m not broken. I stand here today to show you I’m a survivor and I’m still here.”