VIDEO: Woman tackled, arrested after police chase on Detroit's east side

Police tackle woman as she tries to flee on foot

DETROIT – A police pursuit Tuesday morning which started on Detroit's east side ended with a woman being tackled and arrested near I-75 and Caniff Street in Hamtramck. 

A woman driving a Ford Transit van led officers through neighborhoods on the city's east side and into Hamtramck. The pursuit started about 10 a.m. She drove down side streets, front lawns, sidewalks and anything else she could in an effort to elude police. 

Detroit police said the woman was being pursued due to a possible kidnapping. According to Cmdr. Timothy Leach of the 11th Precinct, police received a call and heard a child screaming in the background. When officers went to the scene near Gable Street and Stockton Avenue, the van sped off. 

There was no child in the vehicle at the closure of the pursuit.

One of the van's rear tires was flattened during the pursuit. The driver eventually fled the vehicle, which was still moving when she bailed, and tried to escape officers on foot near I-75 and Caniff Street. A Hamtramck police officer tackled her before she was able to climb a fence (watch above).


Police said the vehicle was previously used in a felony in Hamtramck.

Here is the full chase as captured by Sky4 -- watch here:

Stay with Local 4 and as more information becomes available.

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