Farmington doctor sentenced to probation for assaulting female patient

Woman says Dr. Eliezer Monge kissed her on her neck

FARMINGTON, Mich. – Dr. Eliezer Monge denies the charges that he assaulted Samantha Skeen or inappropriately touched her in any way when she was his patient. 

Skeen came forward to talk before Monge learned his sentencing Monday morning. He was sentenced to probation. He could have received 93 days in jail. 

The incident allegedly happened this past July. Monge pleaded no contest to an assault and battery charge in February. 

"He put his hand out to pull me up and when he pulled me up he went to kiss me, and out of reflex I pulled him aside and he kissed my neck," said Skeen. 

Despite Monge's denial of this happening, Farmington police Director Frank Demers said his investigators have evidence. 

"We were able to collect a sample of DNA from her neck and some saliva with DNA," said Demers. 

The Michigan State Police lab matched the DNA sample to Dr. Monge, which resulted in an assault and battery charge against him.

Skeen said she doesn't want to be an anonymous victim. 

"You have to stay strong. You have to understand that there are so many people that say that you're wrong, and they'll say that it was your fault," she said. 

Of course, this entire situation puts Dr. Monge's career on the line. One longtime patient, who did not want to be identified in this story, said she can't believe this. 

"He's just been the best doctor I've ever had. Never has he ever done anything inappropriate," she said. 

In December, Farmington police released these investigation details:

Dr. Eliezer Monge, a physician with an office in Downtown Farmington, has been charged with assault and battery after having inappropriate and unwanted contact with a female patient.

The allegations against Dr. Monge were reported to the Farmington Public Safety Department in July, 2016 by the victim who reported to investigators that Dr. Monge inappropriately touched her and kissed her during a medical exam.

The victim, a Farmington resident, explained that Dr. Monge met her in the exam room and had her lay on her back on the examination table at which time he began to touch her in such a way that made her feel very uncomfortable. The victim and Dr. Monge were the only people in the exam room.  Dr. Monge then reached out his hand to assist the woman to a sitting position at which time she reported that he leaned in and attempted to kiss her on the lips.  The victim immediately turned her head sideways to avoid the kiss at which time she stated that Dr. Monge kissed her on the side of her neck with an open mouth. The victim stated that she became panicked and immediately left the office without checking out.

Investigators interviewed Dr. Monge who denied the victims claims.  A DNA sample from the victim’s neck was obtained to be compared with a known DNA sample from Dr. Monge.  The samples were sent to the Michigan State Police Crime Lab who confirmed that the DNA recovered from the victim’s neck matched that of Dr. Monge.

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