Lawsuit claims 20 immigrant workers from Chesterfield Twp. were fired for participating in protests

Chesterfield Township workers file lawsuit over firing

DETROIT – Protests are taking place Monday across the country, including in Detroit, battling for workers' rights on May Day.

May Day is also referred to as International Workers' Day. It's a day of action to protest for workers' rights all around the world.

A group of workers who were fired from a Chesterfield Township business filed a lawsuit, claiming they were let go for participating in a similar protest.

The case stems from the "A Day Without Immigrants" protest on Feb. 16. All 20 employees either marched, or didn't show up for work that day.

"If I or another worker wanted to miss a day of work at EZ Industries for going to Opening Day or for St. Patrick's Day, I would just (say I'm not) able to work or, 'I'm not coming in today,'" said Tony Paris, the attorney for the 20 immigrants.

But Paris said the 20 employees were fired and the employer threatened to get immigration authorities involved.

EZ Industrial Solutions' attorney, Robert Boonin, said there was no discrimination involved. He said EZ Industrial had the right to fire the workers. He said people might disagree with it, but it was well within the company's rights.

The case has been filed with the National Labor Relations Board, which will determine how to proceed with the case.

You can watch Koco McAboy's full story in the video posted above.

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