Roseville man to learn if he'll face charges after pit bull mix mauled his mom, her boyfriend

Police say dog owner did not do enough to prevent attack

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Photos show Suzette Laughton and Bruce the Retriever-pit bull mix in much happier times. 

Now Laughton is recovering in the hospital after Bruce attacked her and her boyfriend as she took the dog out of his cage. 

"She pushed him down to the ground. He came back up, and then he bit her," said the dog's owner, Robert Laughton. 

Bruce clamped down on Robert's mother, forcing her boyfriend to jump in. The dog then attacked the woman's boyfriend. 

"Mostly the arms, and the boyfriend he got a little bit in the ear, like a cut in the ear," said Robert Laughton. 

This was not the first time Bruce became aggressive toward Robert's mother. Something similar happened three weeks ago. 

"After he bit my mom the first time, I went to the store and I bought him a muzzle," said Robert. 

Robert said he and his mother agreed they did not want Bruce put down

"I mean let's be real, (he's) like a part of the family," said Robert. 

However, this time Suzette and her boyfriend were seriously injured and needed multiple surgeries. Robert could face charges instead of just the ticket he faced the first time. 

"I just don't understand what I did. I just own a dog and he messed up. My dog's paid for it now," said Robert. 

Bruce was euthanized after the attack. Police said Robert didn't do enough to prevent this attack. Now, he worries he won't be able to help with his mother's recovery. 

"They're gonna come back here and as long as I'm not in jail I'll be taking care of them," he said. 

Police said when they got to the home they have to use a Taser on Bruce to get him to settle down and out of the way so they could attend to Suzette's boyfriend who was unconscious on the ground. 

After the first attack, Robert received two tickets: harboring a vicious animal and having an unlicensed animal. It's not clear what charges he could face. 

Case sent to prosecutor

The Macomb County Prosecutor's Office was sent a warrant request for this case on Wednesday, Roseville police said. 

"The Prosecutor's Office is reviewing the matter and we expect to have an answer as to what charges if any shall be forthcoming first thing tomorrow morning," Chief James Berlin said in a statement Wednesday afternoon. 

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