Detroit bar gives scathing response to bad customer review


DETROIT – A new bar in Detroit's Corktown is not taking bad reviews very lightly.

In response to a review posted earlier this week to the Red Corridor Bar Facebook page, the bar rated a customer "zero stars."

Here's what the customer review says:

I got a Groupon to go to this place, I thought it would be cool to check out a new place next to Bobcat Bonnie's that we love. This place made me feel very weird. The menu that had a lot of funny/strange names, but tried real hard to be cool at the same time featuring a basic bitch salad, then happy hour menu for bitches and corktown special drink also for bitches? Im not getting why they are so obsessed with that one word. Also theres a sticker saying: "because fuck you, thats why" i guess i am just not getting this humor? The food was awful, cheap freezer food sold as fresh, based on prices anyways, glasses were nasty and sticky... I hate to say that, but I will never come back to this place again.

Here's the response from the bar:

As a customer, we rate you zero stars. We find your lack of a sense of humor to be absurd and boring. Your taste is obviously lacking as you do not know a great atmosphere when you see one. You find it funny/strange that your glass was "sticky" because glasses are inspected twice, but may have become "sticky" when a beverage was poured into it. Again, zero stars. Lackluster performance. Poor taste.

The bar opened in 2016, in place of Casey's Pub, or as it was known by its nickname, "Hoffa's Hideout."

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